30 Days of Holiday Projects!

No, I won’t have 30 days of projects right here on my blog (although I could probably come up with that many if I had a little more time).  Xyron is doing 30 days of holiday projects on the DT members’ blogs.  I have seen some sneak peeks and you are going to love what everyone is sharing!  Be sure to stop by the Xyron Facebook page for photos and links.

30 days of holiday

This all started yesterday, and I am very excited to share my project with you today.  It’s actually a set of projects.  For a little background:  My husband is Jewish, and we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas.  Every year (for the last eight or nine years) we host a big Hanukkah dinner with friends and family and it’s a lot of fun.  It’s also a lot of work, so I start prepping early.  Unfortunately, this year Hanukkah starts the night before Thanksgiving.  Hello crazy.  I have been working on all kinds of projects around the house and I still have bunches of homework and studying to do (plus all the fun things I try to do like house cleaning and baking and volunteering at the school).  SO!  Here I go.  I have some place settings and activities to share with you today.  These ideas could so easily be made for any holiday, just switch up the colors and the shapes as you need to.  Check me out! 🙂


 This is the set up of things I made for the kid table.  (No, I probably won’t have them using my wedding china).  In just a second I’ll walk you through making the sparkly activity book, the place marker, the napkin ring, the placemat, the coordinating pencil (I have issues) and the covered box of crayons (again…issues).

But first, a little something for the grown-up table 🙂


No, the parents don’t get coloring books and crayons, but they do get place marker favor boxes that I fill with some quality chocolate.  Can’t complain (because I’m mean and I won’t take it.  So there).

Let’s start with that little goodie box first, all that kid stuff involves a lot of photos and that will take a little while.  I like to do things this way because they’re actually useful and pretty, not something that just gets forgotten and thrown away.  If you’ve ever thrown a party where you made favors for everyone and left them in a display by the door and then had to watch while everyone leaves and totally forgets to take one, you know why it makes sense to have them on the table.  Combining the favors with nametags just saves me a step 🙂  We finish dinner and while everyone is sitting and visiting you can snack on some chocolate and relax.  It’s a good time!

I started with a box template.  You can find these free on the internet, but mine is from a set by Oriental Trading.  I like having choices.  Anyway, I trace it onto my pretty cardstock (and I do plan on mixing these at the table to add more pattern), then cut it out and score it before tying it closed with a little ribbon.


Those cute little die cuts are something that I made with a fabulous set of dies by Spellbinders.  I’m going to make them sparkly because that’s what I do.


I ran them through my 3″ Sticker Maker and then glittered them in the colors you can see in the photo above.  That nametag was really fast and easy too.


If you’ve never used stamps, don’t be afraid!  They can be such an easy way to embellish things and with this one set I can do as many names as I want on as many different kinds of paper as I want and it’s all super fast and easy.  This piece of paper is about 1″ tall and 4″ long, and once I stamped I just trimmed the end into points because I think it looks cute that way. 🙂


It all comes together with my Xyron Adhesive Dots.  Fast and easy!  I just need to be sure to stuff them with candy and some shredded paper.  Ta-da!

Now, for that kiddie stuff…

Let’s start with the place card.  Or should I say GIANT CHOCOLATE COIN with a name on it or something.  The kids will only see chocolate.


Can you believe that thing?  If you don’t know, kids get chocolate coins at Hanukkah (they’re called gelt) and when I saw these things at Walgreens I knew I had to get them.  I think one of the twins lost his mind for a few minutes when I showed it to him.


Here’s how these things came together.  Ribbon (for pretty), stamps (for the names -cheap cuteness!), die cut leaf (more pretty that goes with the fall theme that I’m mixing with the Hanukkah theme).  Okay, ribbon through the Xyron first.


Just trim the ends with scissors to fit.  Then I made a glittery leaf, just like I did for the box above.


I attached that with the Adhesive Dots by Xyron again.  Now for the nametag.  I decided to mix a bunch of shades of blue with white and silver and gold for my color scheme this year.  That’s why I used the blue ink.


That will say Carter.  Had to stamp it once and then go back with the “R” again.  Easy peasy with clear stamps.  That’s it for that!  Now let’s do the placemat.  So easy to make with some cheapo ribbon and my Xyron!


I started with this pad of drawing paper.  I wanted the pieces to be very big and I picked this up at Wal-Mart.  I also got some ribbon in the holiday section.  $1 for 3 yards.  not too bad when you have to make a bunch of stuff.


I was going for a plaid look, so I overlapped the ribbons.  I missed blues here too and this is just my layout where I tried things out to see how it would look before I stuck it all down.


Right through that Xyron 3″ Sticker Maker and on to the paper.  Trim the ends and that’s it!  The kids can draw on these, spill on them, whatever.  For as little as they cost I won’t care (and they’ll look really pretty on the table without being a fire hazard like the butcher paper I put on the table last year).


How about that activity book?  I try to have something for the kids to do while we’re eating and/or waiting for food.  If it’s a craft project, it can be difficult to put together.  How do you choose something that’s just as fun and easy for a 3 year-old as it is for a 10 year-old?  When I started finding free printables on Pinterest I knew that I would use them for this.  I just chose a bunch of things, printed them out on regular paper and then put them into cheapy little report covers.  The star on the cover is just something I cut out by hand, but the bling was necessary because I said so.  That’s why.


This bling is from gel-a-tins and it runs right through the Xyron 150.


Then you just stick it right on the “spine.”

What will the kids use to color those books?  I can’t just put this mess out there.


All that work to make things match and then I should throw this bunch of junk down to clash?  Nope.  So I made it pretty.  The pencil is first.


This is me cutting tissue paper into 1/2″ strips.  Those strips then go through the Xyron.  Use whichever machine you like.  If you’re doing a bunch of these you can like a lot of strips up on the bigger machines, or you can just use your 150.  Whatever you want.


I used the 150.


I just wrapped it around and around the pencil until the paint was completely covered.  It took almost two strips.  Then I did it all again with silver tissue paper and a 3/4″ strip.  I couldn’t handle the way the metal part clashed.  Sorry!


All done!  How about the crayons now?  For this I did some measuring and trimming and scoring.  Nothing hard, but the size of your folds and paper will depend on the size of your crayon box.  Just measure it.


I also cut pieces for the top and bottom as you can see, and attached it all with the Xyron Mega Runner.  Next up is more ribbon.  I just tied some around the box in a pretty knot.


Now for the part where I show you the making of all those die cuts I’ve been using.  Look at everything I got on one little sheet!  That isn’t even everything in the set.  Pretty awesome 🙂


Now it’s time to glitter again.  Yay for glitter!


First a run through that faboo 3″ Sticker Maker.


Then I make it sparkle.


The napkin ring is so easy.  Cut a strip (this one is 6″ x 1.5″) and use your Xyron 150 to attach some ribbon.  Then hold it in the ring shape with some High Tack Tape by Xyron.  Done!



And now for a few more pics of the set.




Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you are inspired to make some holiday crafts!  This whole party is going to be a lot of fun!  Be sure to head over to the Xyron Facebook page every day for more inspiration!

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  1. I love you. This is awesome 🙂 Whenever my guests are cheeky enough to ask why something is glittery or matches perfectly with everything else, I’m going to take my cue from you and say ’cause that’s what I do’.

  2. Looks like a fun time will be had by all! LOVELOVELOVE all the sparkle and bling! TFS!

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