A Teacher Gift and Some Xyron Love

Hey peeps!  It has been just a little bit since my last post.  I start a new semester and go crazy trying to settle in and keep up.  I’m taking eleven credit hours this semester and five of those are a Calculus Two class.  It’s kicking me in the booty.

Anyway, a due date for a project combined with a need for a little something for the teacher I’m the room mom for equals a project to share 🙂  I swear, after this I’ll have more to share and more often.  I think I’m in a school groove.

Xyron asked us to share our favorite techniques on Facebook this week (and I’ll talk about one or two of them in this post), so that’s what this is all about.  I thought I’d do a step-by-step tutorial because hey, why not?  Maybe you have questions about little gift ideas like this.  Prepare to have them answered 🙂


Anyway, I started with one of my little templates for a larger sized pillow box.  These plastic ones are super handy because you can place them over a particular spot on patterned paper if you want to and they have all the lines marked for your score lines and everything.  I traced it all on the back side of my heavy cardstock paper and cut it out.


Next I laid my paper and template on the back side of an old mouse pad (that’s what I use to score on because of the soft surface).  I used a bone folder to make my score lines (don’t push too hard, you will tear the paper).  After I was done, I removed the template and went over the line segments to connect them all and then I did a soft fold with my hands.  The box looks like this when you’re done.

DSC_0610 DSC_0611

Now, I decided that I wanted a strip of paper that would go over the center of the box, so I cut a strip to twelve inches by three inches wide.  I used a ruler and pencil to mark where I would need to score to make sure that the lines would match up with the box lines.  (Tip:  For the lines at the bottom and top of the box, add a teeny bit more space when you score.  You don’t want to score right along the line of the fold, but just outside it so that they will line up still when you fold the box).  I did the scoring with a bone folder on the mouse pad, just like I did for the box.


Aaaaand it looks like that.  Sweet!  Now to close the box along the tab.  Super easy to do with a little help from the Xyron Mega Runner.  All you have to adhere is that tab along the straight edge, the sides of the box stay closed on their own.


Now to attach that fancy strip.  FAVORITE STUFF ALERT!!!  If you’ve ever tried to attach something to a curved surface, you know that it isn’t the most fun you can have…unless you have Xyron!  BLAMMO!  Yep, with the 2″ Runner (or the artist formerly known as the Cheetah), I stuck the heck outta this strip and it is on this pillow box to stay.  Woot!



And then I added a bow with some faboo May Arts ribbon.  Because I had to.  You know how that works.


And now it is time to make a big fat mess.  I’m an expert.


No, it isn’t a mess yet.  The Xyron part is clean as can be.  We’ll get to the mess in a second.  This is step one of my main embellishment on this bad boy.  I went online and found a cute little apple template on a blog here.  I printed it out in a custom size through Photoshop, then ran it through my Xyron 5″ machine so that I could attach it to some cardstock.  Why?  Well, I wanted to make a reusable template because I find myself wanting apple shapes all the time I this is easy to do.  Come on!  Check it out…


Attaching to chipboard makes it much easier to trace around with a pencil.


And that is exactly what I did. Then I cut my pieces out and erased any visible pencil marks.


Now it’s back through the Xyron 5″ and it’s time to make that mess.  Look out!


Oh snap!  Is that glitter?  Yep.  This is where the mess comes into play.  Actually, it isn’t too bad if you know what you’re doing. FAVORITE TIP ALERT!!  It’s even easier when you use a Xyron machine!  Hello?  No sticky spray adhesive mess?  No waiting for anything to dry?  Yes, please.  Work over a piece of scrap paper that you can use to easily put extra glitter back in the jars.  If I have any more glitter hanging around after that I just shake the paper hard into the garbage.  It’s okay.  I have a lot of glitter. (Another glitter tip: if you want a brighter look to your color, use a cardstock that matches your glitter color so that it shows through in any places where your glitter is thin or bratty).


Look at those sparkly pieces!  It’s going to be fabulous.  I decided that I wanted this apple to have a mat, so I attached it to some green cardstock with some foam adhesive.  FAVORITE TIP ALERT!!  Making my own foam adhesive with my Xyron machines and cheap fun foam is the best.  Now you know.  Again.  Because I say it all the time.

Once the apple was stuck to the paper I trimmed around it to make a mat.  I just did this freehand and it’s not a big deal at all.  I like the way it looks now, it will really stand out better on the project.


To attach this to the project I just used a little more foam adhesive.  It also hugs the curves of a project like this.


Now it needed a sentiment.  I decided to go easy on myself.


Those are some ready-made pieces that will come together so quickly to make a little tag.  I stuck the sentiment sticker on first.  Once that was done I trimmed the tag to the size I wanted.  A little black ink and it was done.


I attached this little guy with some of my new little Xyron dots!  Yay for dots!


Now that the outside is done, let’s make it cute on the inside, shall we?  I had the parents in the class chip in so that we could get her some gift certificates to her favorite restaurant.  These things are not cute.  I decided to take care of that.


A little tissue paper and a sticker that matches the paper and…


Voila!  I scrunched a little more paper in there with this before I closed it so that they wouldn’t move around.  The finished product looks like this!

DSC_0633 DSC_0635

Fun!  I hope she likes it.  I had fun making this and I hope you enjoyed my post.  Be sure to stop by Ain’t She Crafty for more Xyron projects, and stop by the Xyron Facebook page for inspiration and prizes!

The papers I used were from a pad I got at Hobby Lobby, ribbon is May Arts, glitter is Martha Stewart, sentiment sticker is American Crafts and all adhesives are Xyron!