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The Party!

Man!  This party took a lot out of me!  The house still hasn’t recovered. 
I think things went well.  Tucker seemed pretty happy with it.  The kids were excited for all the sugar (and then they ran around the house like a wackos they are).
Here are a few pics…

The table!  Stars are paper ball things were from Oriental Trading.  Mickey balloons were from  Mickey stuff was from party stores around here.

He didn’t smile in the first picture, so I showed it to him and told him to smile.  This is what I got (because he’s a goofball).

Didn’t want to buy a Micky pan and have to do all those stars, so I did this.  The shape was fine, but the color didn’t work.  I’ve used the color spray before and got a deep blue with the blue can, so  I thought I could get black with the black spray.  Not so much.  Oh well.  I knew that if I colored all the frosting black all the way through no one would eat it so this was my idea.

Treats and bubba teeth.  It’s a fancy combo 🙂

Candy!  Mini swirl pops are Oriental Trading and almost everything else is from the candy store.  Pinwheels were three for a dollar at the dollar store (and I need to get more because the kids stole them).

Happy guy during the birthday song.

Any questions about something specific?  Just let me know!