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DIY Shadowbox Ornament

This week Glue Arts paired up with Making Memories to bring you ornaments!  I decided to make this little shadowbox and had a lot of fun with it.  Now I just need to finish the ones for the other boys (they’re jealous).  These are pretty quick and easy and they look awesome on the tree.  If there’s a little something that’s special to the person in the photo, you could include it in the box.  This one should probably have a little Hot Wheels car in it or something 🙂

Mini Shadowbox Ornament By Jessica Barnett

Supplies Needed:

Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares

Glue Glider Pro with Perma Tac refill

Glue Arts 3-D Combo Pack

May Arts Shiny Green ribbon and Green Stocking shape ribbon

Making Memories Journaling Spots

Making Memories Noel papers and embellishments
Glitter Glue

White opaque glitter

Dries clear liquid adhesive


craft knife

scoring board and bone folder



black paint and brush

black chalk ink

paper trimmer

scalloped scissors

pinking shears

heart shaped pin


To Make Shadow Box:

1. Cut 2 pieces of 6 by 6 inch chipboard for each box.

2. Score in one inch from each edge all around the squares.

3. Use scissors to cut along 4 of the 1″ lines. Make sure you do the same lines at the top and bottom of the box.

4. Use the craft knife to cut out a window in what will be the box lid.

5. Use a bone folder to crease all folds to the same side of the box.

6. Attach the tabs to the inside of the box (for the lid) and the outside of the box (for the box back) using Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares.

For the lid:

For the back:

7. Paint the box, inside and out, using the black paint and brush. Allow to dry.

To Embellish Box:

1. Use the Glue Glider Pro to attach a piece of transparancy to the inside of the lid to make a window.

2. Use dries clear adhesive and opaque white glitter to make a snowy effect on the window and allow to dry.

3. Trim the edges of 1 inch strips with scalloped scissors and attach to front of box to make a window after inking. Add to the paper detail with glitter glue.

4. Attach more one inch strips of paper around the outside edges of the lid after inking.

5. On the inside of the box, layer elements with Glue Arts 3-D adhesives to add dimension. Ink all papers and photos. Cut the picture out with pinking shears before inking. Add any special trinkets to the box using Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive squares.

6. Place the lid on the box and wrap the box in a piece of May Arts shiny green ribbon. Use the knot to hang a beaded ornament hanger from the top.

7. Attach a metal Making Memories embellishment to the front of the box.

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