10 on 10

Ten on Ten

I did it again this month!  Still not super exciting since I spent a good part of the day cleaning, but more fun than last month for sure.

11:00 AM – Up and checking emails while the kids watch crappy cartoons

12:00 PM – Sweeping the wood floors and thinking that I should maybe eat some breakfast.

1:00 PM – Talking to the pest control guy about bugs in the kitchen and realizing that there are some crazy webs in this light.  Lovely.

2:00 PM – Taking a little break from cleaning to design business cards.  They actually look different than what you see here and I’m excited to see them.

3:00 PM – Unloading the top dishwasher and finishing up some more cleaning. (Notice a cleaning theme?)

4:00 PM – Fresh out of the shower.  Had to grab the camera and got my shot just on time 🙂

5:00 PM – All dressed to go!  Wearing the new top I got a while back.  Pretty sure I still needed to finish my hair and makeup at this point.  Drying my hair takes a LONG time.

6:00 PM – Fabulous shoes and glitter toes.  All ready to go and just waiting for my ride!

7:00 PM – On our way!  Ended up being a couple of minutes late.

8:00 PM – My fugly work in progress.

Thanks for checking out my ten on ten for this month!

10 on 10, photography

My 10 on 10 pics

I decided to play along with the 10 on 10 challenge this month.  I don’t have a logo or any real info to share, just that you take one photo an hour, for ten hours/photos on the tenth of each month.  Here’s a peek into a regular, fairly boring day at our house 🙂

10:00  Up and watching some TV
11:00 Tucker’s on the DS and I’m working on my computer
12:00 Lunch time!  We leave for school at 12:30 and this kid takes forever to eat
1:00 Dropped Tucker off and stopped at McD’s for a drink and ice cream cone for my friend and her daughter.
2:00 Scrapping with Kim!  The highlight of my week, for sure 😀
3:00 Still scrapping and Kim is going through some of the crap I threw at her 🙂
4:00 Kim left and I was snapping a card I made for gel-a-tins
5:00 and guess what Tucker is doing again?  I was working on the Scrap Chicks sketch challenge.
6:00 and Glennifer is making the tacos!
7:00 Tucker’s out of the shower and back on the DS, Glen and I are trying to relax and watch some T.V.
Anyway, they’re ugly pictures, but I’ll work on that next month.  Hopefully my day has more to it than a kid playing video games 🙂