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Busy, but still here!

I feel bad when I go a little while without crafting and have nothing new to post.  This time, however, I have actually been crafting a lot, but it’s either stuff that I can’t share yet, or it’s stuff that’s keeping me so busy that I’m not posting like I should.  Sorry about that!
Today I had a little time so I decided to take the stuff I bought for a new spring wreath and glue it together 🙂  I made us a new wreath for the front door last year, but a little bird decided that it would be the perfect place to build a nest.  I had to start over this year!
So…here it is!

 You may have noticed that I have a thing for orange right now.  I liked the spring bunch of flowers with the orange in it, and I already had the ribbon from Costco, so that’s what I went for.  Last year’s wreath was pink and white.  I guess we’ll see which color combo the birds like more.

My flowers are still alive by the front door too!  That’s pretty nice considering that I planted them in October or November.
I’ll be back soon with more projects that I can share 😀