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More gifts!

I didn’t share these because one of them wasn’t actually done until the day after Christmas 🙂 Oops! Sometimes things just get a little too crazy around here and those extra projects fall to the side.
I made these as gifts for a couple of people. I bought the actual scarves at the quilt show I went to in Houston. They say that they’re cashmere, and who knows if that’s true or not. They are very soft and pretty so that’s what counts. I picked up some of the thicker embroidery threads and added stitches I saw in a little book I picked up for $2 at Half Price Books.

These are the result! (please forgive the cell phone pictures)

This one I made for a friend.  It didn’t take too long and I think the leaves are pretty.  The one in the book also had little sequins on it, but I didn’t think they’d stay on very well so I just did the leaves.
This is the one I did for my mom.  It took longer, and the lines were difficult because when you’re sewing in a hoop it’s hard to see whether you’re keeping the stitches straight or not.
Anyway, these were pretty easy and quick to make and I think they’re great gifts.  I know I’d appreciate getting something that’s useful and pretty and it’s nice to know that someone spent time making something just for you.
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Cookie time!

I did my holiday baking this weekend!  I hate it when I get so behind that I don’t finish it, so it’s a relief that I’m done with it now.  Lots of treats at my house!

 This is the finished product.  Trays are from the dollar store and I already had the ribbon and cellophane wrap from past food gifts 🙂

 There is fudge, lemon sandwich cookies, peppermint whoopie pies, chocolate covered brownies and spritz.

Here is the finished tray with the sugar cookies piled on top!

They turned out pretty cute and everything is yummy.  Hope you all are getting things done on your holiday to-do list as well!