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Patriotic front door time!

I still had my spring wreath up until earlier this week and I decided it was time for an update.  I had already replaced the flowers that weren’t doing very well in the heat and I wanted the rest of my front porch to look nice too so I grabbed some things at Joann’s on Thursday.

This is what it looks like now!  The wreath is pretty simple and I just made with with things that were on sale at Joann’s.
This little sign was half off at Joann’s too and it cost me less than $10.  I really like how it looks there.

The wreath.  Pretty simple, but I like it.  You can definitely see that red, white and blue when you drive by :)

To the left of the door.  We got the big (and very heavy) letter “B” from one of Glen’s brother’s.  

My new (and not dead) flowers!  The flags came three for a dollar at Target.  I bought the moisture control soil and it really seems to be helping.  Everything in the yard has a bubbler, but these are by the door and have to be watered with the hose.  It’s nice that they don’t have to be watered every single day to keep them from dying.
Well, I hope you like it.  I do!
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Family wreath and instructions

I made this wreath recently for Xyron and I have been asked to share the directions so here they are!  I had to send this one in, but I might just need to make another one for my house 🙂

Family Wreath by Jessica Barnett

Supplies Needed:

Xyron Creatopia with Fabric adhesive refill and Permanent adhesive refill

6 or 7 assorted fat quarters in black, cream and beige

Scrap of fabric in cream pattern

Charm pack or assorted fabrics in approx 5” squares

Small wooden spools

Chipboard circles

Spool of gathered black ribbon

Scraps of coordinating patterned paper

Small (1/2 inch) white buttons

Large (1 inch) black and white buttons

Jute twine

Black and cream threads and needle

Sewing machine

Scraps of quilt batting

Metal “Family” sign


Rotary cutter and mat

Black paint and brush

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Circle templates


Three black and white photos sized to fit the chipboard circles

Iron and ironing board

MDF wreath Form


1. Press all fabrics. Tear 2.5 inch wide vertical strips from the fat quarters with the long side of the fabric facing you. Tie the fabrics in knots on the wreath form alternating the knots on the inside and outside of the form.

2. Choose 10 of the squares from the charm pack and cut the largest possible circles from them. Sew the circles into yo-yos.

3. Choose four more fabrics from the charm pack and run them through the Creatopia with the Fabric cartridge. Fold the corners of the squares to the center and press to help hold the shape.

4. To make the flowered quilt squares, cut six, 5” squares from the cream patterned fabric and three, 4” squares from the quilt batting. Choose three fabrics from the charm pack and cut an irregular flower shape from each in a small, medium and large size. Run the flower shapes through the Creatopia with the Fabric cartridge. Layer the squares with a 5” square on bottom, then batting, another square and the three flowers from largest to smallest. Pin the squares and batting together to keep it from shifting while you sew. Sew through all layers around the edges of the flowers in black thread. Go around the square, ½” in from the edges in a cream thread. Fray the edges of the squares by pulling out threads on all sides. Use black thread to sew a large black button in the center of each flower.

5. For the photo circles, use a pencil to trace the circle shape onto the pictures. Cut out the pictures and run through the Creatopia with the Permanent Adhesive cartridge. Attach the pictures to the circles and trim any excess from the edges. Paint around the edges of the circles and pictures and allow to dry. Once dry, hot glue the ribbon to the back of the circle to add a little ruffle detail.

6. Cut strips from scraps of paper to fit the middle sections of the spools. Run the strips through the Creatopia with the Permanent Adhesive cartridge and attach to the spools.

7. To make the garland, string spools onto a piece of jute and tie scraps of fabric in knots between them. Hot glue jute-tied buttons over the fabric knots. Tie the garland to the wreath from.

8. Hot glue smaller white buttons to the metal word for the wreath.

9. Begin laying out the wreath by placing the larger items first, then layer and add the smaller items. Try to leave some space free so that the metal word will still be readable and won’t cover up too many of the wreath elements.

10. Hot glue the decorations to the wreath, including the metal word. Add some twine to help hold the wreath in place and cover it with buttons. Fill in any small blank spots with more buttons or spools.

Thanks for looking!!