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More Cuppy Cakes!

I had another project on the gel-a-tins blog this last week and it may be one of my favorites yet.  The Witchy Poo stamp set comes with the cutest banner and I thought that mini size would be perfect used in a cupcake (the way a slightly larger one looks cute on a cake).  I also used my Cricut to cut out some cupcake wrappers and stamped them to match.  I even use the same banner stamp (attached to my Fiskars Stamp Press) on a curve to stamp around that bottom edge.  I think these would look great on a treat table!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!  Don’t forget about the Scrap Chicks crop that’s going on right now too!  We’d love to have you come play and win some prizes!  Link is in the side bar!

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The Party!

Man!  This party took a lot out of me!  The house still hasn’t recovered. 
I think things went well.  Tucker seemed pretty happy with it.  The kids were excited for all the sugar (and then they ran around the house like a wackos they are).
Here are a few pics…

The table!  Stars are paper ball things were from Oriental Trading.  Mickey balloons were from  Mickey stuff was from party stores around here.

He didn’t smile in the first picture, so I showed it to him and told him to smile.  This is what I got (because he’s a goofball).

Didn’t want to buy a Micky pan and have to do all those stars, so I did this.  The shape was fine, but the color didn’t work.  I’ve used the color spray before and got a deep blue with the blue can, so  I thought I could get black with the black spray.  Not so much.  Oh well.  I knew that if I colored all the frosting black all the way through no one would eat it so this was my idea.

Treats and bubba teeth.  It’s a fancy combo 🙂

Candy!  Mini swirl pops are Oriental Trading and almost everything else is from the candy store.  Pinwheels were three for a dollar at the dollar store (and I need to get more because the kids stole them).

Happy guy during the birthday song.

Any questions about something specific?  Just let me know!

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Birthday decor/treats

Cute, right?  I saw this idea on a blog a while back and thought that it would be perfect for Tucker’s party (or any party that I throw for that matter, because I get all OCD about the colors I use at a party matching).  They were so quick and easy to make!

I bought the pre-colored candy melts at the store and just melted them and dipped the Oreos in them.  I do have a dipping tool, and that does help.  I used it for the brownies I dipped at Christmastime too.  I also used color-coordinated sprinkles (shocking, I know). 
I’ll be sure to let you know if they’re a hit 🙂
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Birthday Treats

Tucker’s 4th birthday was on Tuesday and because I’m not having his party until Saturday night I have all week to get ready.  The first bunch of goodies I made were the treat boxes for him to take to school and give to his friends.  Now, I had a crazy weekend and was short on time so they aren’t nearly as cute as I had hoped (not to mention that I couldn’t find boxes that held individual cupcakes so I had to work with these ones).  The kids liked them and the moms did too.  Cupcakes to take home that are wrapped up in a box?  Not too shabby for moms used to food all over the car 🙂

The boxes were with the cake decorating stuff at Michael’s and the papers were on clearance.  I’ve actually had this ribbon for a long time and I got it at Costco.  If I’d had more time I probably would have drawn Mickey ears on all the dots (because I’m crazy like that).  I cut the tags by hand from white card stock and hand wrote on them.  The Mickey is a punch that I got.

This is what was inside.  Tucker picked strawberry banana cupcakes and I made my butter cream icing.  The toys are all from the party store.  I sent the extra dozen cupcakes in so they could have one in class without having to open all the boxes. 
Anyway, I’ll post more treats tomorrow!

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A quick way to add some cute to your party

I had this idea in November.  Bought the stuff to make everything.  And then…yeah.  Sometimes getting cute pictures taken really holds me back.  These would really be fun for any party, holiday, birthday, tea, etc. 
I love cake plates and when I saw these mini candlesticks at Hobby Lobby I thought they looked like a cake plate base.  I had a little trouble finding a ready made top, but you can see that I worked that out for one of them and made my own for the others.  Have a look!

This is the base with a few layered chipboard circles on top.  I cut them out and stuck them together with my Xyron Creatopia and adhesive.  They won’t be coming apart any time soon and they’re smooth and sturdy.  I used hot glue to attach the top, then painted the whole thing white.  Once they were dry I added the ribbon with hot glue as well.

Another simple one that I made the same way.  This one just has silver ribbon because you all know I love me some sparkle.

For this one I punched out some white paper with a Martha Stewart punch and added that with some hot glue.  This one really looks like an old fashioned cake plate and I love it.

 Speaking of sparkle, there’s this 🙂  I bought these mirrors at Hobby Lobby as well.  The little teardrops are mini glitter ornaments from the same place.  For the glitter on the base I gave it a coat of Martha Stewart’s glue (comes in a nice sized bottle with a brush built in to the lid and it’s awesome) and then I sprinkled it with Vintage Glass Glitter from Art Glitter.  Definitely nice for a fancy dessert.

I hope you like these!  I had a lot of fun making them and once I decide which one I like best I’ll be sure to make a bunch up for my next party.

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Cookie time!

I did my holiday baking this weekend!  I hate it when I get so behind that I don’t finish it, so it’s a relief that I’m done with it now.  Lots of treats at my house!

 This is the finished product.  Trays are from the dollar store and I already had the ribbon and cellophane wrap from past food gifts 🙂

 There is fudge, lemon sandwich cookies, peppermint whoopie pies, chocolate covered brownies and spritz.

Here is the finished tray with the sugar cookies piled on top!

They turned out pretty cute and everything is yummy.  Hope you all are getting things done on your holiday to-do list as well!

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Basketball treats!

My twins, Carter and Parker, played their first sport this year.  They have been doing a little basketball camp over the summer for two years now, but this is the first time we’ve signed them up for a season as part of a team.  I think they’ve really had a lot of fun and have learned a little about the sport.  Their coach has been pretty awful and I feel bad for the kids that show up every week (when the coach doesn’t).  There has never been any organization and so every week when the kids on the other teams have had snacks and treats after their games, our kids kinda sigh and ask why they don’t get anything.  Well, this Saturday will be their last game, so I decided to go all out today and make something special for them since they’ve missed out on a lot of things the other teams had all season. 
This is what I spent today doing…

I think they’re cute (and I am bringing an actual snack and some juice box things for them too so I don’t just load them up on sugar before I send them home 🙂  My boys are very excited and won’t stop asking me who they’re for and when they can have them so I think I’ve done something right.
I’ll be back with more crafty posts this weekend.  I’ve had the craziest week!


A secret recipe

Every time I make these cookie cups, I am asked for the recipe.  I sent some into school yesterday for one of the twins’ teacher’s birthday and he comes home saying that she wants the recipe.  That big secret recipe?  A chub of cookie dough and canned frosting.  Don’t get me wrong, these things are delicious.  When I was younger, every time I went to the mall I had to get one of these at The Cookie Company.  These are great for a quick dessert to serve at a party because you can make a ton of them in no time.  I won’t tell if you choose to keep the recipe a secret 🙂

Cookie Cups
Chub of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough (this time I used the smaller one and it made 24 cups)
Homemade or canned (whipped style) butter cream frosting
mini muffin pans
decorating tip and bag
spoon (or that little Pampered Chef wooden tool for smooshing the dough into the cups)
Non-Stick cooking spray
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Spray pans with non-stick cooking spray.
Break the dough into pieces and distribute evenly in the muffin pans.
Use tool to smoosh the balls of dough into each cup so that it takes the shape of the pan without gaps around the dough.
Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes.  It may be more or less depending on whether you like your cookies soft and yummy or gross and crunchy, but 10 min is about right.
Allow to cool and remove from pans. (I will spin the cups as I take them out of the pans to try to keep them from breaking off into pieces.)
Use the decorating bag with tip to add a little bit of frosting to the middle of each cup.  (Only the whipped style of canned frosting can be piped like this, so don’t just buy the regular stuff).
Decorate with sprinkles if you like!  Enjoy!