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Another quick Valentine’s Day craft!

I’ve had this Bare Essentials heart for a while and I knew that it would be perfect for a little Valentine’s Day decor.
I covered it in some BoBunny paper that I ran through my Xyron Creatopia and added the few embellishments from my stash.  I punched a hole in that little old Queen and Co. heart and tied it to the wire and done! 

It’s nice to have more than three things out to decorate with this year 🙂

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School Treats for the Twins

I decided to make the boys’ Valentines this year and when I saw the bags of candy watches and bracelets at CVS I knew they’d be perfect!
I bought some paper at the scrapbook store and measured the candies.  They fit inside a matchbox made of a 3×6″ piece of paper.  I was able to get eight matchboxes out of each piece of paper and I made a total of 60 of these little guys.  The twins got the ones that have the punched strip of reddish paper across the front, but I made two others so you could see other ways that they could be embellished. 

The bags of candy were something like $2 each and I bought four.  Not as cheap as paper valentines or anything, but cute and affordable.  The boys really like it when I make things for them to share with their friends.

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Treats for my little guys

I never do anything special for the kids for Valentine’s Day. I mean, I make treats for them to exchange with their friends, but never anything special just for them. This year I saw these cute little buckets at Joann’s and picked up one for each of the twins and Tucker. I kept the altering pretty simple, but I think they’re going to be pretty excited on Monday morning.

The actual bucket sides are clear so I just cut paper to fit inside and slipped it into the buckets.  Valentine’s paper is pretty much all pink, but I’m okay with that.  I don’t think anyone will be complaining when they see all the candy I stuff in these things.

Look at all that loot!  I probably could have fit more in there, but they’re set for dessert for a while with this crap.

I also found these.  Tucker is crazy for Mickey Mouse, so that was a no-brainer, and the “You Rock” suckers were pretty cute for the twins.
More Valentine’s Day goodies tomorrow!
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Lovey Dovey Frame

I picked this up last month at Michael’s.  The frame was about a buck and I think the little wooden heart was about half that.  Pretty affordable when you throw in paper from BoBunny that I got from Xyron last year and embellishments that I already had or made from things I already had.  I think this is my favorite project of the things I made today.

 I added a little extra bling to the details on the paper with some Stickles.  The flowers are more that I made out of those old, little bitty Primas I still have a bunch of jars of 🙂

Like that picture?  I think it captures our marriage pretty well.

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Valentine’s/Birthday Treats!

My littlest guy, Tucker, turns four on February 15th.  He doesn’t have school that day, so I’m sending treats on Monday.  They’ve got a Valentine’s theme, but they’re extra cute and have more stuff in them that I would normally send for Valentine’s Day. 

I already had these little tins from back in the day when I used to teach scrappy classes more often.  There are only eleven kids in his class so I have no problem doing something that’s a little more involved and expensive for him.  Now, I don’t mean to act like I went out and spent a bunch of money on all the stuff that wasn’t already in my scrap room.  I bought the paper and die cuts at Target in the dollar spot.  The ribbon, stamps, ink and punches I already had.  I ran the paper and die cut wraps through the Xyron Creatopia to attach them to the tins.

The goodies I put inside were just inexpensive little things from the Target Valentine section.  Tucker is pretty excited to share, and even though I still have more work to do (I have to bake treats!), I’m excited for his first birthday that he’ll get to celebrate with his new school friends.

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First Valentine’s project of the month!

I had so much fun designing and making this that I wanted to be sure to share it with you all.  I love my Wishblade for projects, but I am no expert.  The more I play, the more comfortable I am and the better my projects are.  I really do a lot of things with text when I’m using this cutter, and having all those free fonts available on the internet really helped me out!

 I went into the Create and Cut software that comes with the Wishblade and started typing out the word “Love” over and over in just about every font.  Then I started arranging them in a shape that would fit inside my mat.  I resized some of the words as I went along and turned them in different directions.  I cut it out of vinyl (which is pretty easy to find at just about any craft store these days).  I’ll explain why in a minute.

 This is the close up of it after  I’ve peeled the letters out.  Some of those are pretty delicate cuts and because I used the vinyl I just had to pop the letters out instead of worrying about how I was going to get the paper peeled off the cutting mat, know what I mean?  Pretty sure that I would have had some tearing that way.

 I just put it in a cheapo frame and mat that I bought.  Got the mat a while back at Michael’s for about $3 and the frame was $7.50 at  JoAnne’s.  Not too shabby if you ask me 🙂

I made the fuller flowers out of some old Primas and hot glued the thicker embellishments right onto the glass.  The little sequins go right through my Xyron 150. 
I hope you like this one because it’s one of my favorite projects right now.  I have very little stuff to use for Valentine’s decor and this looks pretty cute in my front hallway.